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Dog Mom Gift Ideas

With two weeks until my birthday, I have been getting a lot of that age-old question, “What do you want for your birthday this year?” I always have trouble with this question. I can never think of what I want on the spot. Any other time of year, I spot a million things I want, but then by the time a holiday comes around, I’ve forgotten what it was that I saw. That’s why I started to keep a list year-round of the cool things I find, so that when I am presented with this question, I am prepared with an answer. Now, obviously I don’t need anything, I have pretty much everything I could ever ask for and am incredibly grateful for that, but when someone is persistent, you might as well give them an idea. If they’re anything like me, they LOVE birthdays and everything about gift-giving, so it’s only fair. 

Did I mention I love birthdays? There’s something about a special day dedicated to celebrating someone and everything they have accomplished in their life that brings me so much joy, and my birthday is no exception. If you’re looking for ideas for what to put on your birthday wishlist, I thought I’d share some ideas with you. Is your birthday a while away? Don’t worry, my birthday just so happens to be neighbors with Mother’s Day, and dog moms count, too! If someone asks you what you want, or you decide to spoil yourself (because, girl, you definitely deserve it), I hope you will find these ideas useful! 9178a6

  • Furbo – This camera is a game-changer! I got this for Christmas this past year, and we are in love with it! This has allowed us to give Theo more freedom in our house when we’re gone, as we can see what he’s up to, talk to him throughout the day, feed him treats with the touch of a button, and even get notifications if he is barking or getting super active so we can check in. This is a dog mom must-have, but beware it can be the best distraction, so don’t get caught talking to your dog at work!
  • Dog Supply Backpack – When we got Theo, I wanted to take him everywhere. The problem was, I always wanted to bring so many things with us: his toys, treats, paw wipes, food, a bowl, etc. which could make things difficult. Then, I found what I like to call the diaper bag for dog moms! This thing is seriously amazing. You can carry anything your dog may need along with you wherever you go effortlessly, right on your back. This gift is perfect for the dog mom on the go. (The one I have is linked above, but here is another option I found.) 
  • Mug – This is another one I got for this past Christmas, and I use it almost every day for my morning coffee. If you are looking for a gift for any coffee or tea-loving dog mom, this one is for you.  
  • Wine Glass – What dog mom doesn’t love wine? Need I say more?  
  • Hat – What a cute way to show your dog mom pride!  
  • Book – A book full of dog-mom inspo written by an Australian dog mom herself!  
  • Pup Mom Crate – This is at the top of my wishlist! I am a sucker for subscription boxes, the gift that keeps on giving! This company perfectly curates a box for you and your pup to each get monthly treats, what a special bonding opportunity!
  • Buddy Bandana – Speaking of special bonding opportunities, what better than matching with your pup? This company creates human headbands and scrunchies to match their dog bandanas so that you and your pup can share in style! Plus, a portion of their proceeds goes to support animal shelters, so really what could be better? Use the code ‘woof’ at checkout for 40% off your order!  
  • Custom Pet Print – As dog moms, there is nothing we love more than our fur babies, so what could be a better gift than a custom print of our pups?  

If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for the dog mom in your life (even if that’s yourself), or you’re looking for ideas for your very own wishlist, I hope that you will enjoy some of these ideas. Please comment below what’s on your wishlist so we can keep the ideas flowing!

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