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Happy Birthday, Theo! Plus Birthday Gift Ideas for Dogs

Today is a day I have been dreaming about since we first adopted Theo. I’m not even kidding, I have had a Pinterest board dedicated to Theo since he came home, which consisted primarily of doggy birthday party plans. I planned a super cute and special party with all of our closest friends and family, human and dog alike. Everything was purchased and ready to go, but in our world’s current situation with the COVID-19 virus, we had to postpone the party. I was absolutely heartbroken about this, and honestly still am. The party was supposed to be yesterday, and it was a sad day, realizing that we should have been celebrating our baby, but were instead trapped inside our house. However, today is such a happy day. Today my little fur baby turns one whole year old. Today we celebrate everything he is and everything he is yet to become. Theo brings joy to us even in the darkest of times, and perhaps that is why things happened the way they did. The beauty in all this is that we were able to spend the whole day home with Theo on his birthday!

So, let me tell you how we celebrated! We woke Theo up with a doggy cinnamon roll to eat with his breakfast, which he of course loved! We gave him two of his presents in the morning. First, he got some Lazy Dog Birthday Cake Bite Treats which he gobbled right up! He also got a heated pet pad. This may seem odd to some, but if your dog steals your heated blanket the second you get up like mine does, then you understand. Theo LOVES having a warm place to lay. He then got to take his morning nap on his new heating pad while mom and dad did some work. At lunch time, we let him open another present! This one was a puzzle toy that he is already having so much fun with, and honestly so am I! After a little playtime, Theo took his afternoon nap and we were able to get our work done for the day. After work, we tate some dinner, and had our own little celebration with party hats, balloons, dog cupcakes, and all! Theo opened his final present, a fun new plush toy that crinkles, which is Theo’s favorite kind of toy. It was such a wonderful day celebrating my most handsome little boy!

If you’re looking for some other gift ideas for your fur babies, here is a list of some of the ideas we thought of when looking for gifts for ours:

  • Fun Feeder Dog Bowl – These are great for the dog that basically inhales their food. This bowl slows your pup down and helps stimulate his brain in the process, leading to all-around better health!
  • Top Paw Flattie Toys – If your pup is anything like ours, they destroy anything with stuffing inside! These toys are the plush toys your dog loves without the stuffing to rip out!  
  • Nylabone Durachew – These are great if your dog is an avid chewer!  
  • Busy Buddy Toys – Theo has grown up with these toys in various sizes and LOVED them! They come with rawhide, but since that can be dangerous, you can use an apple corer to cut a hole in any dog biscuit to use with the toy instead!  
  • Kong Wubba – This toy has been a favorite of pretty much any dog I’ve ever known!  
  • Treat Lick Mat – This makes bathtime much more enjoyable for your pet since they’ll have something to snack on (and distract them).  
  • Kong Rambler Ball – This looks like so many hours of fun waiting to be had!  
  • Kong Squeezz Ring with Handle – Perfect for tug-of-war!  
  • Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Treats – These are our FAVORITE treats! They smell so good and Theo loves them! They come in lots of different flavors, too.  

 I like to think that Theo had a great birthday, regardless of the current situation. Sure, he would have loved having all of his daycare friends come to his party, but stay tuned because when things return to normal, the party is back on! I’m so glad we were able to spend this special day with our fur baby, and reflect on the past 9 months of Theo’s life that he has been a part of ours. I truly am obsessed with this dog. He has brought so much joy and love to our lives, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be his dog mama!

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